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You can buy a domain name and create a page for your business all by yourself. It will cost you about $20/month. But let' be honest. Who is going to see your page? How are you going to get it to come up in Google results? How much time is going to cost you to do all this yourself.

Copying a simple desing, and getting a hosting company to sell you a domain name and hot your site is very simple nowadays, companies like have excel at make this process very easy. The problem is that once you have your website up and running, besides you and your friends looking at it a few times, you are probably going to have a hard time driving visitors to it. 

Getting people to visit your website can be a challenge, yet keeping your visitors interested or making a sale thru your website is even more challenging.

Before designing a website you need to identify what is the role this website will feel. Are you trying to create an ecommerce website (Selling your goods and services online) or are your creating this website in order to increase people awareness of your business ?

Once you determine that you may opt for diferent approaches, designs, and options. Yet the question still exist, how are you going to drive visitors to your site?

There are several diferent ways to do it. The most effective one is thru Google Adwords campaigns. But as the most effective one is also the most expensive one. Google adwords campaigns operate on a PPC model (pay per click), meaning that each time someone clicks on your google ad, its going to cost you money. Therefore designing a effective and economically efficent google adwords campaign can be very costly and time consuming. An effective google adwords campaign needs to take in consideration your goal conversion, your budget, geographical restrictions, keywords and human behaivior. For example: If you own a restaurant in Killeen, and you decided to advertize with Google Adwords; you need to consider that not every click will end up being a customer thru your door, you do not want to pay more for a click that what your average profit per customer is, you do not want to advertize in Canada, and you do not want your advertizing to come up when someone is looking for mechanic shops in Killeen. Another crude factor about google advertizing is that could spend thousand of dollars on it today. but when you stop paying for it… you stop getting traffic thru your site.

The same apply to yelp, yellowpages, facebook ads, and many other forms of online advertising. These advertizing campaigns can ruin your business if they are not managed properly and if you are not able to track their effectiveness.

The most efficient online advertizing is properly optimizing your website for search engines. This is commonly called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It consist on properly designing your website and other resources like social media and external links to "tell" search engines what is the most relevant keywords for your website. Therefore when people search on the internet for specific keywords, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. will automatically and FREE will list your website as one of the top organic results. This mean you will come up as an organic result, not a paid result.

Becoming a the top result for an specific combination of keywords is can be very  easy or very hard. It depends on your "online competitors" and how popular that search is in the local area.

For example: If you search for "cell phone repair killeen" there will be about 3 different websites that will come up as result organically. The result that is placed on top of all the others is determined by several different factors: The amount of external links that website has, the keywords that are used a anchor text to those links, the proximity of the listed location to the location of the person searching for it. The IP address from were the person is searching, the IP address of the server rendering the site. 

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