Local Area Network Installation and Intranet

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Regardless of the type of business that you may be planning to engage in, you probably can benefit of the use of a computers. Even if you are planning to start a small restaurant, you will need a cash registers, POS (Point of Sale) systems and many other required technologies in order to process credicard payments.

Point of sale systems come in many different flavors, you may just need a basic credit card terminal and no inventory control. You may need a specifically designed POS for your restaurant business, or an entire inventory control with multiple registers and user access control. All those option are available from multiple vendors in the market. We will expand regarding your options later in another page. But the undeniable fact is that regardless of what you choose, you will need connectivity; with the internet and among the different machines that you will be ussing.

Networking by definition is the ability to share resources among diffent computers, for example: you may have 3 to 4 computer in your typical office/business setup. What if you had to get an internet connection and a printer for each one of them? The cost of your equipment and the maintenace will be astronomical. 

As your business grows the needs of technology increases. Some of the things that you may have not considered at the start of your venture may become a necesity a time passes. For example, a single line telephone of even a cell phone may be sufficient at the begining of your enterprise, but later down the road you may need telephone call trees and several lines in order to manage effectively the calls from your customers. As you  start your business a simple paypal account may be enough to process the few credit card transactions that you have in a month, but as your sales increase the fees from companies like paypal start eating your bottom line. A service that require a major equipment investment become more cost efficient as the time passes.  


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