How to start

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First Steps

Before jumping into a new business the best thing is to get a reality check.

Business ussually require a significant investment of time, money and emotions. Having a friend or a profesional review your idea can save you time, money and a broken heart. While we entrepreneurs tend to be very dedicated and creative,  we also tend to be very emotional when creating. It is good to bouce our ideas with friends and family and even better get the opinion of another entrepreneur or successful business owner.

Once we have pass the reality check, its time to get started crunching numbers.

Business plans are a very good tool, but before you start adding and substracting you need to answer this two primordial questions:

What is my business model?

Figuring out how you plan to make money it could be as simple as determining what services you are going to provide, how much it cost you to provide those services, and how much are you going to sell them for.

So for example: If you are going to sell widgets, and widgets cost you $1, and you are going to sell them for $2. You have business model. You buy and sell widgets and make 100% profit.

How do I atract my clients?

Now that you know what your business model is going to be - Selling widgets for $2 - is time to figure out how you are going to let the world know that you are selling widgets, and why your widgets are better than the other widgets. This is the most difficult part of your business. There are several ways to attract customers, but not all of them are fit for your business model. We will cover your options in the ADVERTIZING section of this site.

I know how I am going to make money. Now what?

If you already determined your business model and how you plan to drive customers to you, its time to get started. First thing you will need is to determine your legal/tax status. Are you going to conduct business as a Sole Propietorship? As an LLC? As a Small Corporation? or as a Corporation. Please visit out TAX STATUS section for more information.

What do I need to do to register my business?

Depending on the type of entity you decided to become (Sole Propietorship, LLC, S-Corp, Corp, etc) you will need to follow different steps to register. Please refer to those different sections in the TAX STATUS page.

Where can I get advice regarding the different options and ways to get my business off the ground?

There are infitity of resources online for entrepreneurs. Please visit our RESOURCES page to see other websites and useful links to start your business. If you would like to sitdown with a local business entrepreneur and get a down to earth assestment and couching please visit our SERVICES page, we will be glad to offer you a variaty of options. Among them: business consulting, web hosting services, computer network installation, intranet services, task managing server applications, and more. 

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