Advertizing in Killeen

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Driving customers to your business can be completely free or the highest expense on your business. It all depends on the choices that you make.

Among several different forms of advertizing you may consider the following free forms:

-Business Cards.


-Craigslist Ads.

-Facebook Page.

-Google Page.

-Yelp Page.

-Yellow pages (Online Version).

-Word of mouth.

All of the above can be completely free regardless of the countless effords advertizing companies will do in order to get you to buy their advertizing packages.

You can also opt for any of the following which could be very effective or total waste of money depending on the type of business you are trying to operate:


-Search engine optimization services for your site.

-Google Adwords advertizing.

-Yelp paid placement advertizing.

-Yellow pages paid placement advertizing.

-Radio spots.

-Television spots.


-Flyers in welcome packages (realstate welcome packages, etc)


-Direct mail.

The effectiveness of these campaigns of totally dependent on the segment of the market that you are trying to reach, your profit margins, and many other factors. For example if your business consist of selling hearing aids, advertizing in the radio or thru the internet probably will not reach your target audience (senior citizen with hearing problems). Your target audience problably will be more likely to learn about your product on the newspapers or thru direct mail. If your business consist on fixing air conditioners, your target market is probably looking for your services on the internet, therefore having a website and an effective Google Adwords campaign could prove extremly effective for your business.

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